Placentia Bay Industrial Showcase (PBIS) highlights the many Industrial Developments and innovative projects taking place in the Placentia Bay region of our province. This Conference & Trade Show takes place at Unity PARC Arena, in Placentia, NL and has become a major event since its inception over 25 years ago.

The show is focused on embracing all industries taking place in the bay, including oil & gas, mining, green energy, tourism, ocean protection, shipping, fishing & aquaculture, technology development and more!

PBIS Conference and Trade Show greatly benefits the business community of our region, not only economically, but it also gives them an opportunity to network with the major players involved in industry, in an attempt to promote partnerships that can be quite valuable to participants.

Some of the projects include: West White Rose Project at Argentia; Vale’s Nickel Processing Plant at Long Harbour; The Braya Renewable Fuels project at Come by Chance; Grieg Seafarm Aquaculture project at Marystown and other sites in Placentia Bay; the Canada Fluorspar Mine at St. Lawrence; ongoing worksites at Argentia, like Eimskip, A. Harvey and Company Ltd, Marine Atlantic & Nalcor; Tourism Activities in the region, and more. These projects, combined with others on the horizon, are providing major opportunities for our economy, businesses, and workforce.

The PBIS Conference & Tradeshow also showcases the vast richness of our culture and our region, especially to those visiting and working in relation to the various industries that operate here.

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PBIS 2024 CONFERENCE Why you should attend

The Chamber recognizes that the list of industrial activities in the vicinity of Placentia Bay is growing each year, and attracting the attention of the regional and provincial business community.


Uniting numerous businesses and stakeholders who share a strong interest in the remarkable projects occurring in Placentia Bay.


Great Speakers

Our diverse speakers are experts in their fields and will share valuable insights on industrial developments and innovative projects.


Meet New People

Our agenda is full of updates and professional speakers. Thanks to our sponsors, advertisers, delegates, exhibitors, and speakers.


Have Fun

We strive to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere that encourages networking, collaboration, and learning


Discover Innovative Solutions

Sponsorship Opportunities

Exploring industrial business from a new perspective can lead to the discovery of innovative solutions, untapped markets, and alternative approaches that can give your business a competitive edge and transform it for the better.

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