Pre-Networking Session – Tuesday, Sept 17, 2024 (7:00 PM)

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50 tickets available


7:00 PM – Pre-Networking Session Location: Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre.
7 Patterson Drive, Town Square, Placentia
Port of Argentia invites delegates and exhibitors to an evening of connections and refreshments.
Please indicate your plans to attend the following events. Advanced tickets are required for these events.

Tuesday, Sept 19, 2023 | Networking Session (7:00 PM)

7:00 PM - Networking Session Location: Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre
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Port of Argentia is hosting a pre-conference social 7pm – 9pm, Tuesday, September 19 at Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre. The Port invites PBIS delegates to join us for an evening of networking, food and refreshments, in a casual setting. Pre-social registration is limited to the first 60 registered delegates.

SOLD OUT Wednesday, Sept 20, 2023 | Speed Networking (11:15 PM)

11:15 PM - Speed Networking - 20 entrants (2 - minutes each, one representative per company)

Wednesday, Sept 20, 2023 Luncheon (12:30 PM)

12:30 PM - Luncheon - Star of the Sea Hall - Address: 14-16 Jubilee Rd, Placentia
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Please list any Dietary Requirements

Wednesday, Sept 20, 2023 Argentia Industrial Site Tour (3:30 PM)

3:30 PM - The coach departs Unity Parc Arena at 3:30 PM en route to the Argentia Industrial Site
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Registration for the tour is currently at capacity. Please join the Wait List for a chance to participate.

Wednesday, Sept 20, 2023 PBIS Networking Reception (7:00 PM)

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM PBIS Networking Reception - Three Sisters Public House - Address: 2 Orcan Dr, Placentia. There is karaoke by Floyd Edison in support of the Community Connections Housing Coalition
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Thursday, Sept 21, 2023 Breakfast (8:45 AM)

8:45 AM - Breakfast - The Unity PARC, Placenta. The speaker is Earl G. Hall, President & CEO |
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Thursday, Sept 21, 2023 Closing Luncheon (12:30 PM)

12:30 PM - Closing Luncheon - ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION, Branch 33, 13 – 19 Veterans Way, Placentia
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